This is a stay-type art experience program that delves into the origin of the action of accommodation.

When I stay with my grandma. When staying at a hotel where you are traveling. When I spend the night in my lover's room. We are customary to follow the rules of the place when we stay at the inn. This program is disassembly and reorganization of the inn's rules, which we thought we somehow obeyed in the context of art.

As a guest, you will experience the house rules set by the inn(artist, Takayoshi Kitagawa)throughout your two days. Receive a mysterious courier service, put on shoes in a unique place, or ask a soba shop for delivery. There are gimmicks waiting there.

General Information

Title Sumida Mukojima EXPO 2020 "Yadono-Ie"
すみだ向島 EXPO 2020『宿の家』
Theme This is a stay-type art experience program that delves into the origin of the action of accommodation.
Duration Sep 12 [sat] - Oct 12 [sun], 2020
Venue Bekkan / 江戸長屋「別館」(3-57-9, Kyoujima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Japan)


Art in Residence at Kyoujima-Sumida

Bekkan / 江戸長屋「別館」

〒131-0046 3-57-9, Kyoujima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Japan

"House of the inn(Yado no ie)" which dismantled and reconstructed a device called a house. This is an artwork that renovated a 100-year-old Taisho-era Tokyo private house. I hope that you, the "dweller", will be actively involved in the movements of the time as you relax, touching on the changes in the devices in the room and the connection with the outside world. The installation work called "House of the inn(Yado no ie)" will be completed for the first time depending on your accommodation action.


● 8 minutes by walk from Omurai station on the TOBU Kameido line
● 9 minutes by walk from Keisei-Hikifune station on the KEISEI Oshiage line
● 15 minutes by walk from Hikifune station on the TOBU Kameido line and Sky Tree line

    • 16:30


      At 16:30 on the day of your reservation, please come to "Bekkan"(3-57-9, Kyoujima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 131-0046). The staff sends a message to the smartphone. Visit nearby places you specify and get items to open the house.

    • 16:30 - 18:00

      Artwork experience program❶

      The artwork program starts from check-in.
      Enjoy the program following the instructions sent to your smartphone.

    • 18:00-08:00

      Artwork experience program❷

      Time to stay --- It is time to spend freely in the neighborhood or at home while following the instructions. You have to order the instruction, "Breakfast delivery" and receive "Timed courier service".

    • 08:00-09:30

      Artwork experience program❸

      08:00 Breakfast time. Follow the instructions sent to your smartphone and enjoy the program.

    • 10:00

      Check out

      After the work experience program❸, please prepare for checkout and check out at 10:00.

  • ※Due to the special accommodation style artwork, we cannot answer the details of the program in advance, but if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us in advance.

Basic facilities have been prepared as a place to rent a house.

  • ●Wifi

  • ●Air conditioning

  • ●towels, bed sheets, hair dryer, shampoo, soap, and toilet paper

  • ※No smoking

  • ※Security deposit - if you damage the home, you may be charged up to ¥ 100,000

  • ※The above photo shows the Edo Nagaya "Bekkan" during normal use. In this work, the artist "Takayoshi Kitagawa" has transformed this Edo Nagaya in every way while retaining each element. stay tuned! !

北川 貴好

Takayoshi Kitagawa


1974 born in Osaka
1995-1999 Musashino Art University majoring in the Department of Architecture

Since 1995, intensification of site-specific artworks in the collaborative use of outdoor or architectural space.

2018 「Box and giants」Fuji city, Shizuoka
built parabolic-shaped shelves inside Osaka apartment
2012 「Floor Landscape」Asahi Art Square, Tokyo 

  • 2020.02.20

    Hiroko Nakagawa 


    LINK >(japanese only)


  • 2019.09.17




    I experienced the test version.
    Drill a hole, face a hole, receive light from a hole
    The consciousness seemed to spread to the house and the city.
    It was a valuable experience!
    Thank you very much.

    The bath was exciting...